Knoxville Wedding Catering

Victory Baptist Harvestor’s Class

Fellowship at the Life Event Center

The Harvestor Class enjoyed an evening of food, fellowship, and fun at Smith’s Life Event Center. The Dinner started with a Gourmet Tossed Salad then progressed with the main course buffet :

*Pecan Chicken Gallentine *Whipped Potato Casserole *Mushroom Sweet Pea’s *Artisan Breads

The preset Dessert selection included : *Raspberry Layer Cake *Red Velvet Cake *Chocolate Layer Cake *Coconut Cream Pie

After dinner the class enjoyed great singing from the old Church Hymnal book! Fantastic group of folks! That Glen Heinrich had this class in stitches all evening:)

Mr. and Mrs. Heinrich

Enjoying Dessert:)