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Capitol Theater

Maryville, TN

The Young Life Banquet was held at the Capitol Theater with a Butler Passed Trays reception held at the downtown entrance of this Theater.

First Fruits Catering prepared Sharp Cheddar Sausage Balls and the Young Life students served.

Sharp Cheddar Sausage BallsShrimp Cocktail…

Shrimp CocktailEven Meatball Skewers were a hit   !!!

Herb Crusted BBQ MeatballsBut, I have to say that the Chicken Quesadilla’s were the most popular Butler Passed Tray :~)

Chicken Quesadilla'sDuring the Passed Tray Reception we also set up a full beverage station and other passed trays include: Rolled Ham and Cream Cheese, Chicken Salad Finger Sandwiches, and Roasted Pecan Cheese Balls. Then later during the program  the students served a dessert skewer of :Our homemade Chocolate Truffle with a Marshmallow and Strawberry.

Fun Dessert Skewer :~)I really enjoyed the evening and learned a lot about Young Life, a very life changing organization for students!

Young Life Camp PicYoung Life Camp PicGlad to be a part of their annual fund raising banquet !!!