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Many Thanks to our Customers for a Successful First Carry-out Holiday Meal!

Every year we would receive numerous calls requesting that we cook Thanksgiving meals. In the past, at First Fruits bakery¬† we have only offered dessert pick-ups. So, this year I decided to try offering full meals for carry-out. Wow! Many thanks go out to the hundreds of folks sitting down to our food and desserts today, this Thanksgiving. What an honor to be a part of so many families Thanksgiving meal! And for those who may consider ordering next year for Thanksgiving, I am including some photo’s of the food that was offered this holiday.

2009 005

Pecan Chicken Gallentine (stuffed chicken breast with cream sauce), Bell Pepper Corn Casserole, Parsley Baked Red Potatoes, Rolls,  and Corn Bread Stuffing

2009 007

Country Style Green Beans, Herb crusted Pork Loin, and Spiced Cinnamon Apples.

2009 008We prepared over a dozen different types of dessert this Thanksgiving, here is the Reese’s tm Peanut butter cake, semi-famous Caramel Pumpkin Pie, Six Layer Chocolate Cake, and Granny Smith Apple Pie..

As I sit down to my Thanksgiving feast , I realize that I have so much to be Thankful for.. Especially great customers and the opportunity to work a job that I enjoy!