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University of Tennessee

Community Open House

Dairy FarmIn 1995 there were more than 1,300 dairy farms in the state of Tennessee. Today, there are about 540.  The UT Little River Animal and Environment Unit gives Tennessee dairy farmers hope in discovering new ways to increase the quality and productivity of the Holstein cattle. The facility will also investigate interactions between animal agriculture and the environment, including waste management , water quality studies, and land-use studies.

High Tech. milking facilityTHE COMMUNITY OPEN HOUSE WAS A  ” H U G E ”  SUCCESS!!!! Over 500 people attended just in the first two hours…

Vegetables SnacksThe buffet snacks were well received! We featured Fresh Vegetables Display, Fresh Fruits Fondue, Gourmet Domestic Cheeses, and a beverage assortment.


Thanks for allowing First Fruits Catering to be a part of the Community Open House!!!