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Full service Catering and Wedding Specialist offering the Knoxville Catering Venues a unique “Farm to Table” Southern Gourmet style of cooking. Our presentation is traditional trendy and our staff is very professional.

Jasmine and Nick

Head Shot-0376

An amazing residence and view atop this Wears Valley Mountain Top….was the perfect backdrop for this memorable ceremony and wedding reception. Jasmine and Nick entertained just over 100 guest at the main entrance of this residence under tent. This was not just any tent… it was a tent with all the “bells and whistles”  liner, drapes, chandeliers, and twinkle lights.

Head Shot-0383

Campbell Tent and Party Rentals really delivered a Home Run with this elegant Canopy and other rentals.

Head Shot-0394

The post ceremony started with a generous Cocktail Hour Hor d Oeuvres Station with a mountain view to rival any.

Head Shot-0372

The Centerpieces of natural Amber and Amethyst crystal really made a great accent to the stone table top Cocktail station. First Fruits Catering served Crab Dip Bruschetta, Domestic Gourmet Cheeses, Sharp Cheddar Sausage Balls, and Mushroom Pesto Bruschetta.

Head Shot-0365

Head Shot-0366

Then Guest were encouraged to enter the tent reception to find a preset Gourmet Tossed Salad (Romaine with Shredded Broccoli, sharp Cheddar Cheese, Crumbled Bacon, Roasted Almonds, and Fresh Garlic Croutons)

Head Shot-0413

A very nice Dinner Buffet followed the salad and was chosen from our Chef Tony Catering .com  Packages- THE RUBY DINNER PACKAGE. 

Head Shot-0379

Fresh Artisan Bread, Vegetable Stir-Fry, Rice Pilaf, Shrimp Scampi, and Rosemary Roast Medallions. 

Head Shot-0388

Head Shot-0390

After Dinner, First Fruits Catering served up this elegant Red Velvet/Vanilla Bean creation that was picked out by Jasmine. And then Nick requested a Snickers Bar Cake decorated up in his favorite sports attire!

Head Shot-0396


Head Shot-0399

Guest were also encouraged to partake in this “Candy Bar” station provided by Nick’s aunt.

Head Shot-0381

Nick’s Aunt and Grandmother were also responsible for the decorations, centerpieces, and all the decoration details.

Head Shot-0409

Head Shot-0406

The Head Table Centerpiece is a perfect example of the Aunt’s decoration handy work.

Head Shot-0412


First Fruits Catering beverages included Gourmet Coffee with condiments and Fresh Lemonade.

Head Shot-0391

I really enjoyed being a part of this special wedding reception and appreciate the opportunity!

Congratulations Jasmine and Nick

Hearthside at the Preserve

This Smoky Mountain Peacock Theme wedding was Poolside and Tented. (by Campbell Tent and Party Rentals). Elegance best describes the entire reception from start to finish, the fabulous ladies at 3m Creative Consultants decorated in style! Steve and Dawn selected a Dinner Wedding Package from our Chef Tony Catering . com reception package menus. The Diamond Dinner Package includes lots of extras including butler passed trays of Shrimp and Crabcakes, a preset Caprese salad, and an incredible dinner buffet of Steak Au Poivre (ours is made with freshly cooked Cherry Chutney, Cracked Pepper, and Brandy), Pork Diane (Dijon Cream Sauce), Steamed Asparagus, Parisienne potatoes (small garlic new potatoes), and Parmesan Corn Casserole… with all the extras like Artisan Bread, Gourmet Bucks Coffee, Iced Tea, and Dawn wanted to add Fresh Fruit Fondue for everyone to enjoy while being greeted.

Head Shot-0317

Each Table was elegantly decorated with Peacock theme colors and guest favors. The overlays really brought out the Teal Blue and the Coordinating Napkins were elegantly placed and hanging over lap length.

Head Shot-0300

Head Shot-0322

The Caprese Salad (Fresh Roma Tomatoes, Mozzarella Cheese, & Pesto) was the perfect contrasting color for this place setting and was served ripe and room temperature.


Head Shot-0329

The Hearthside at the Preserve offers an Open Air Pavilion, Conference Room, and Poolside option for the reception , as well as a gorgeous Chapel for the Wedding Ceremony. The most amazing view is to be had from all locations!

Head Shot-0312

Dawn and Steve really enjoyed the buffet and the guest had nothing but compliments. The staff of First Fruits Catering really enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of this special reception.

Head Shot-0352

Head Shot-0348

Head Shot-0344

Head Shot-0337

My beautiful wife Michelle serving at the Buffet …

Here the guest were enjoying the dinner and music!

Head Shot-0361

The Fruit Fondue was the perfect compliment to the buffet …

Head Shot-0309

Head Shot-0360

Congratulations Steve and Dawn on a perfectly planned Reception!!!

Thank You for including First Fruits Catering as a part of your reception.




Mixed Appetizers Priced Per Person

  • $3
    Fresh Vegetables Display

    Large variety of raw vegetables, trimmed to bite size, assorted with peppercorn ranch.    

  • $3
    Gourmet Cheeses

    Assorted gourmet cheeses cubed into unique shapes with cheese leaves, accompanied by a special recipe roasted pecan cheese ball served with gourmet pepper crackers.

  • $3
    Caramel Apple Fondue

    Large wedges of Granny Smith apples skewered for dipping into a rich buttery caramel sauce.

  • $4
    Fresh Fruit Fondue

    Includes large watermelon baskets with fresh fruit balls, pineapple tree, grapes and strawberries served with a rich chocolate sauce and cream cheese dip.

  • $3
    Spinach Dip with Toast Points

    Chilled spicy creamy chopped spinach dip served with toasted sourdough points.

  • $3
    Traditional Special Recipe Humus

    Special Recipe Humus. Served at room temperature with toast rounds/Blue Chips.

  • $5
    Smoked Salmon Filet

    Displayed whole salmon atop a creamy kalamada olive spread topped with sprinkled capers. Served with asiago bread rounds.

  • $7

    Includes Proscuitto honeydew, artichokes, mixed olives, asiago bread rounds with herb oil, mixed salami rounds, grapes, and marinated mozzarella cubes.

  • $3
    Herb Spinach Roma Tomatoes

    Herb stuffing spinach mixture stuffed in cherry tomatoes topped with fresh shredded parmesan cheese.

  • $3
    Red Potato Cups

    Steamed red potato halves filled with a curried potato salad recipe that includes capers and fresh herbs topped with green olives.

  • $5
    Chicken Salad Phyllo's

    Super chicken salad recipe includes roasted almonds and grape halves. Served in a light buttery phyllo cup.

  • $3
    Spicy Chicken Tortilla Pinwheels

    Southwestern Chicken, cilantro, chili cream cheese, and Mexican two cheeses spread on tortilla's, rolled and sliced.

  • $4
    Mac N Cheese

    Southern Gourmet twist on the traditional. Three Cheese (Velvetta, Cheddar, Parmesan) creamy Rotini Goodness!

  • $4
    Phyllo Spinach Cups

    Baked Phyllo "muffin size" cups filled with our signature spinach dip.

Jeff and Kendra

Maryville , TN

Ceremony SiteRiver John’s Island is a unique venue in the Wildwood area of Maryville . This small private island offers excellent opportunity for a rustic wedding and reception site.

Jeff and Kendra are both school teachers and decided to plan and implement the entire wedding in just alittle over three weeks (before school started back). They enlisted the help of Debe Campbell , wedding coordinator extraordinaire  (865) 567-8018 . Debe was able to bring all vendors together quickly and pull off some amazing details that really made this whole day very special.

Debe's Centerpiece Magic

KIDDO'S Fun WagonOutdoor bug spray basketKid’s fun wagon, bug repellent basket, and unique flower accents are just a few details that Ms. Debe created.

Ms. Sondra Kay was onsite everywhere snapping excellent natural wedding day photo’s; the couple portrait was great!

Jeff and KendraThe music was great ! From ceremony , MC, to reception music –Mr. Craig Hurst did an excellent job, congrats !

The menu that Jeff and Kendra selected was awesome. First , we started with a butler passed tray of domestic gourmet cheeses and mini roasted pecan cheeseballs. Then we preset each place setting with our Spinach Pecan Salad with the Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing. As each guest finished their salad we encouraged them to go through the great dinner buffet.

Shrimp and Salmon ScampiCorn Casserole, Vegetable Stir-Fry, Whipped PotatoesRosemary Beef Roast and Whipped potatoesAnd, Finally… One of my most favorite wedding cakes of 2011  !!!! The orchids Kendra picked up for me were divine!

Vanilla Bean CakeWedding CakeIncredible Event! Thanks Jeff and Kendra for letting us be a part of your special day  :~)