Knoxville Catering

Hor d oeuvres Buffet-Served Hot

Gourmet Dishes Served Hot Priced Per Person.

  • $6
    Dijon Pork Roast

    Large medallions of pork loin simmered in a light sage Dijon marinate.

  • $5
    Mini Quiche

    Perfect 4 inch large quiche can be customized with any flavor. Lorraine with ham and Swiss, Florentine with spinach and Swiss, and bacon tomato with spinach and Swiss or bacon tomato with cheddar are among the favorites.

  • $4
    Meatballs in an Herb Crusted Barbecue Sauce

    Top quality grilled beef balls coated with a thick sweet herb barbecue sauce.

  • $6
    Cheese Grits with Andouille Sausage/Shrimp

    This Traditional " Shrimp Charleston " is always a HIT ! Includes disposable martini cups with spoons if requested .

  • $4
    Whipped Potato Bar

    Potato casserole served with side toppings of sour cream, shredded cheddar, chives and bacon.

  • $4
    Chicken Quesadilla's

    Traditional layered quesadilla's are filled with cheeses, chili peppers and shredded chicken breast. Served with a side of sour cream.

  • $5
    Breaded Chicken Strips

    Tender chicken breast strips are served with side sauces of barbecue and Honey Dijon.

  • $4
    Rotini Chicken Alfredo

    Tossed creamy alfredo rotini with shredded basil chicken breast.

  • $5
    Crab Stuffed Mushroom Caps

    Sautéed mushroom caps stuffed with a seasoned crab cake filling.

  • $3
    Peppered Buffalo Wings

    Traditional hot wings with cracked pepper.

  • $9
    Bernaise Filet Medallions

    Medallions of beef tenderloin drizzled with a béarnaise sauce and served with fresh baked rolls.

  • $4
    Hickory Smoked Ham

    Tender smoked ham medallions served with fresh baked rolls.

  • $5
    Mini Pecan Chicken Gallentine

    Rolled chicken breast stuffed with a roasted pecan cornbread stuffing and covered with a hint of curry white sauce.

  • $6
    Rosemary Roast Medallions with Croissants

    Savory 3 to 4 ounce portion of melt-in-your-mouth tender beef roast flavored by a garlic rosemary marinate.

  • $3
    Supreme Gooey Pizza Dip

    Baked beef, pepperoni, parmesan cheese, peppers, onions, olives, mushrooms, and Italian seasonings. Served warm with thin sour dough toast rounds.

  • $4
    Pizza Cups

    Biscuit muffin cups filled with beef, Italian sausage, pepperoni, and marinara then topped with Italian three cheeses and baked to perfection.

  • $3
    Garlic Chicken Puffs

    Shredded chicken cream cheese mixture tossed with cheddar cheese. Dolloped in crescent rolls then baked to perfection.

  • $4
    Mini Taco Cups

    Taco beef and cheddar cheese filled "muffin size" cups.