Hors D’oeuvre Buffet Meal Menu – Appetizers

Mixed Appetizers Priced Per Person

  • $3
    Fresh Vegetables Display

    Large variety of raw vegetables, trimmed to bite size, assorted with peppercorn ranch.    

  • $3
    Gourmet Cheeses

    Assorted gourmet cheeses cubed into unique shapes with cheese leaves, accompanied by a special recipe roasted pecan cheese ball served with gourmet pepper crackers.

  • $3
    Caramel Apple Fondue

    Large wedges of Granny Smith apples skewered for dipping into a rich buttery caramel sauce.

  • $4
    Fresh Fruit Fondue

    Includes large watermelon baskets with fresh fruit balls, pineapple tree, grapes and strawberries served with a rich chocolate sauce and cream cheese dip.

  • $3
    Spinach Dip with Toast Points

    Chilled spicy creamy chopped spinach dip served with toasted sourdough points.

  • $3
    Traditional Special Recipe Humus

    Special Recipe Humus. Served at room temperature with toast rounds/Blue Chips.

  • $5
    Smoked Salmon Filet

    Displayed whole salmon atop a creamy kalamada olive spread topped with sprinkled capers. Served with asiago bread rounds.

  • $7

    Includes Proscuitto honeydew, artichokes, mixed olives, asiago bread rounds with herb oil, mixed salami rounds, grapes, and marinated mozzarella cubes.

  • $3
    Herb Spinach Roma Tomatoes

    Herb stuffing spinach mixture stuffed in cherry tomatoes topped with fresh shredded parmesan cheese.

  • $3
    Red Potato Cups

    Steamed red potato halves filled with a curried potato salad recipe that includes capers and fresh herbs topped with green olives.

  • $5
    Chicken Salad Phyllo's

    Super chicken salad recipe includes roasted almonds and grape halves. Served in a light buttery phyllo cup.

  • $3
    Spicy Chicken Tortilla Pinwheels

    Southwestern Chicken, cilantro, chili cream cheese, and Mexican two cheeses spread on tortilla's, rolled and sliced.

  • $4
    Mac N Cheese

    Southern Gourmet twist on the traditional. Three Cheese (Velvetta, Cheddar, Parmesan) creamy Rotini Goodness!

  • $4
    Phyllo Spinach Cups

    Baked Phyllo "muffin size" cups filled with our signature spinach dip.