John Sevier Elementary School

Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Preset Salad and DessertThe menu featured a preset SPINACH PECAN SALAD and KAHLUA CHEESECAKE with Raspberry sauce.

Clean dessert plate:)Absolutely love these people. Both my girls attended John Sevier Elementary , “the BEST” Elementary school in the entire system!

SMILEEveryone always has fun at this Lunch! Most of them have enjoyed a Spa moment just prior to the lunch!


On the buffet we featured a Beef Roast with a Peppercorn sauce, Wild Rice Pilaf,  Bell Pepper Corn Casserole, Artisan Bread, and Strawberry Lemonade.

Spring Day Beverage StationAlways love the opportunity to serve this group! I am so thankful for educators who sincerely care about the students they serve! The staff at John Sevier Elementary have a genuine concern and passion to better the students and community they impact! THANK YOU!